How to Hack DNS: 101

Welcome to the Cyber World:

There are a dozen new postings on YouTube every day that attempt to teach us about the inner workings of the internet and how to protect/compromise it. We all have our reasonings behind trying to understand the make-up of our own computer as well as what goes on behind the scenes, so to speak. Either way, out of most, if not all You Tube how-to’s, “Eli the Computer Guy” is, hands down, the best at any 101 lesson the beginners/moderately advanced out there could learn a lot from and we give him two-thumbs up. Teaching advanced material in the most simplistic, easy-to-understand way, I highly recommend watching his videos. If you are a cyber security student, hacker-in-training, victim of a cybercrime, or just someone who is curious about the unknown, see the video below.

In his DNS hacking tutorial, Eli  introduces how to redirect a user to a fake website where CC info is entered and stolen as well as anything else the perpetrator wants you to reveal, unknowingly. Knowledge is power.

Megan Rellahan

Megan Rellahan is an award-winning author with over 15 years of experience working in the publishing arena. She has interviewed numerous Hollywood actors and was featured in L.A.'s Venice Magazine. Along with her background in publishing, Megan has a degree in Cyber Security and certifications in Digital Marketing and Web Design.

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