My Story: ITT Tech

It was September 12, the first day of classes…we thought?

After a grueling last quarter of Linux, IP Networking and Trig, I was enthusiastic over having survived with passing grades and moving forward. The summer quarter was my hardest one, yet. But, here I am… Or was??

Anyway, reflecting back…being an ITT Tech student studying Cyber Crime is a long stretch from my former life as a Hollywood Reporter. Learning the language of computers is like studying a foreign language for someone like me. My classmates conversed about video games and hacking Facebook and Kali Linux… They “declared functions” easily (as I tried to figure out what the hell a function was)… They weren’t baffled by finding a broadcast ID or IPv6 IP addresses. Sometimes I felt like I was witnessing a subculture of people talk in secret code as I desperately tried to pretend I, too, got the language. But, they knew I was a wanna-be imposter. Still, I tried to fit. But, despite my former career in Tinseltown, IT people are simply not impressed with any of it… at all. Most of my classmates were into programming and even belonged to those clubs where they write code for games and shit. They connected on a level I wasn’t on…

“I interviewed Ben Affleck,” I blurted out once. Complete silence. “And Anthony Hopkins,” I said.  Again, total awkward silence. To this day, I don’t even think they know who those people are… Needless to say, the initial transition was hard. I’m not 18 anymore. Not even close. But, I wanted this new  mysterious endeavor…badly!

Megan Rellahan

Having worked in Hollywood for a decade, Megan was the victim of a hack that changed her life. Chasing a second degree in Cyber Security, she is the creator of where art and the realities of the cyber world collide.

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