My Story: ITT Tech

At ITT Tech, I sort of felt like Reese Witherspoon’s character in Legally Blonde. That description in itself makes me less credible to some of you, img_0924but honestly, from my experience, ITT Tech is… or…was a solid school. A decade and a half ago, I went to Tulane University. I’m not completely clueless about colleges. So, despite all the countless reviews and criticism online about ITT Tech, I didn’t have those experiences. And the teachers, according to what they claimed, had pretty high-level cyber security positions. I even Googled a few of the cuter ones and they were legit. But again, I want to emphasize that the school is hard… really hard! The classes (once a week for five hours, quarterly) consists of a ton of information about the cyber world crammed into too short of a time. The workload was extensive, borderline ridiculous. However, we learned a lot. And doing well at ITT takes a lot of effort. The majority of students who stick with each quarter despite the obstacles and lengthy assignments/criteria are the ones who really worked their asses off! We were all adults, many of us seeking a second career path. Many of us have kids, jobs, lots of responsibilities… But, ITT offered us another choice despite all our accumulated personal baggage. That, in itself, is cool.

But, let me digress…

The reason why I swapped a Hollywood life for a Cyber life is because I was hacked – my computers, my cell, my world! And it happened at the wrong time. In 2011, I had my first born son. I fell madly in love with him. His dad and I fell madly OUT of love (at the time) and I was unexpectedly a single mom in LA without a clue. And to make a long, crazy story short.. I became the target of some devious online intruder(s). To this day, I still don’t know exactly what this was all about? Maybe I really pissed someone off? I just couldn’t figure out who or how or wtf?? What I do know is that this intrusion changed me.

And just to clarify, while my world was hacked, I don’t like to accuse a “hacker” of it all. From what I’ve learned, the majority of hackers get a bad wrap. Many of them are really kick-ass introverts who want to defend the little guy from bullies a.k.a government agencies, big companies , etc… Regarding “hackers,” I’m not a person of interest in the slightest. I really don’t think so. The answers remain unknown.

Megan Rellahan

Having worked in Hollywood for a decade, Megan was the victim of a hack that changed her life. Chasing a second degree in Cyber Security, she is the creator of where art and the realities of the cyber world collide.

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