My Story: ITT Tech

Being stalked online via your own computer and cell causes a slew of emotions that the world hasn’t fully acknowledged, yet. The powerful impact cyber-harassing can have on someone is profound. It gives the traditional DSM V’s list of mental illnesses and their “symptoms” a real run for their money. Cyber crimes can cause very similar symptoms to mental illnesses. Therefore, the victim of online crimes gets distracted by diagnoses like depression. Anxiety. Or whatever else their symptoms mimic. Thus, the focus becomes diverted by a fake illness. The causes that are really responsible for a person’s internal well-being (or lackthereof) are undetected. And the victim is suddenly crazy a.k.a stressed, sad, anxious… And according to “professionals,”sadly anxious people who stress say things that are distorted. And the bad guys get away! From cyber-bullying to online gang-stalking to internet theft… it all affects a victim in similar ways. Cyber crimes can turn a sane, healthy person into a somewhat paranoid, confused, helpless bystander of their own life.

After 14 years in Los Angeles, my baby and I moved to another state to start fresh. The hacking stuff got too scary. Although I received valid confirmation that my computers and cell were “hacked” by both Verizon and MacMall, no one knew how to stop it. Allegedly, once someone is in your system… they are in. The backdoor is open and new locks only buy you time. I think if I didn’t have my baby, I would just have been super annoyed by all this. However, the love for my son provoked relentless fear which provoked the intruders even more, I’m convinced. Something always felt personal. So, I surrendered. I left my home that I loved for over a decade. I left my career, my friends, and I left a piece of myself.

I got a new cell with a new provider, new computers (no more Mac, because contrary to popular opinion, Macs can easily be hacked), and I stood before a new road I never considered traveling. And still… even though the hack attack was finally over, I couldn’t stop the obsession. I wanted to know WHY?? I landed a marketing gig for a high profile law firm. I got my self-worth back. I got rid of Big Brother… But, it was always there in the back of my mind… WHY????

Megan Rellahan

Having worked in Hollywood for a decade, Megan was the victim of a hack that changed her life. Chasing a second degree in Cyber Security, she is the creator of where art and the realities of the cyber world collide.

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