My Story: ITT Tech

img_1344Enter: ITT Technical Institute…

Knowledge is power. I wanted to take back all of my power. I couldn’t keep pretending to go on with my life as if it never existed. It did. Unfortunately. I wanted to stop this “thing” from happening to another person who was in a vulnerable place. I wanted to turn something bad into something good. And after an online inquiry to ITT, I got calls. Loads of calls. ITT Tech reps told me to come in and once I did, they held my hand from beginning to end. That was what I needed. ITT Tech helps you easily enroll, red-tape, drama-free. They set up classes that are specifically geared towards getting you the degree on-time. My job was just to show up and put in a lot of work and effort.  All of us who showed up no matter what… the programming in-crowd, the misfits, the survivors of really bad neighborhoods, the wives of abusive husbands, the single moms, the family men, the heroes who served this country… all of us! The ones looking for something better, the ones who didn’t quit. The ones who were studying instead of writing bad reviews on Yelp. What about us? WE are the ones who fell down the hardest that day, contrary to what the massive online media is focused on. Once again, what about US?

It was September 12, 2016…the first day that we faced the harsh realization that it was the last day of classes. Forever.



Megan Rellahan

Having worked in Hollywood for a decade, Megan was the victim of a hack that changed her life. Chasing a second degree in Cyber Security, she is the creator of where art and the realities of the cyber world collide.

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