SEO 101: Website Performance Analysis Tools For a Blossoming New Business

With online businesses booming, a website takes center stage in its development and successful uprise. The creation of a site consists of attracting an audience by its user-friendly features and well-thought-out design strategies. What transpires behind the scenes, however, is the most important aspect of business productivity.

What is SEO?

Simplistically put, “SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results,” –, a leader in providing keyword ranking tools.

Using hundreds of factors referred to as an algorithm, search engine robots crawl all sites across the Web. Upon retrieval of a website, content and data are analyzed with each page cataloged in order for the search engine to reference it for queries. SEO concentrates on all the algorithm’s potential focal points in order to optimize a website. The multitude of factors involved remains “top secret” by search engine headquarters. However, based on what is known and shared throughout the SEO community, there are tools designed to guide a website in the right direction with alerts of potential mishaps. Specifically geared towards start-up businesses, listed below are the must-have performance analysis tools that are the pathway to the next level of success.

Google search console – Targeted towards lifting your website to its highest potential in Google search rankings, the Google search console is a key asset.

Some of its capabilities include;

  • Query data – What search engine queries or keywords cause your site to appear in results?
  • Mobile performance levels – How well is your website’s mobile version doing?
  • Malware and spam detection – Are there any underlying issues that could cause your site to get penalized?
  • Content monitoring – What content on a website is most engaging? What searches are most popular? – Supermetrics is an excellent way to aggregate all your data into one. Combining any SEO analysis tool information, e-commerce data, social media reports, Google analytics/console, and paid advertisement data, everything is easily accessible. It is a simplistic and effective way to keep track of multiple domains and everything in between.

Bing webmaster tools – While Google runs the show among search engines, covering all your bases is a smart move. Bing webmaster tools offer this capability.

Geared towards improvement on Bing’s search engine, it does the following;

  • Assists in attracting more traffic
  • Provides reports on the reasoning behind user’s visit to your website
  • Page ranking insight and tips

SEO tools for excel – This helpful tool exports the features/analytic tools data of your website and downloads it to a desktop via Microsoft excel, which makes storing multiple data accessible.

SEMrush – This is a highly recommended site specializing in audits. What that means is it provides the tools to check over all the on-page and SEO technical issues of a website. – Along with many basic SEO tools, there are also good sources of helpful information.

The depth involved in SEO is extensive. Performance tools begin the process of peeling back multiple layers. Welcome to the journey of building a business via search engine optimization.

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