Top Keyword Research Tools: How do Keywords Work?

What is a keyword?

In a nutshell, keywords are the “main attraction” in the content published on a website. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and keywords go hand in hand. They are strategically included in every blog to attract an organic readership. It is the words typed in Google that connect a user to your website. The more popular the keyword, the more hits your site will get if that word or phrase is used throughout the content. Hence, the importance of discovering the “backstory” of each keyword such as; how many people are using certain words to find your brand? Has the usage increased or decreased in popularity? What are the various ways each keyword is used per country? The list goes on and so do the top credible sources that provide this information.

First, let’s briefly go over the concept of keywords, which will better explain the importance of researching them. There are three types:

  • Fat-head keywords – This usually entails one word. For example, “dogs.”
  • Middle keywords – A little more description goes into this type of keyword. For example, “bulldogs.”
  • Long-tail keywords – These keywords are most used in Google’s search bar, thus most popular in content building. For example, “Where can I buy a bulldog?”

Below, you will find the “backstories” a.k.a the most credible keyword research tools you need to master keywords:

  • – A site with a 10-day free trial followed by a membership to find out the popularity of “seed keywords.” Listed on an excellent resource,, there is a long list of helpful tidbits and you can’t go wrong here. With, simply type in a word you believe is related to your niche topic and receive a wide range of information, which can be downloaded to a CSV file. You can also discover what keywords are affiliated with competitors by typing in their URL. Along with keywords, multiple SEO tools and insight regarding the various options out there are plentiful.

  • – Used to find both keywords and hashtags, this website offers a deeper look into where your target markets are talking all over the world. Not only are keywords discoverable, you will get a closer look into exactly what demographics are prone to discuss your niche as well as top mentions. Another asset is the numerous ways in which people are using specified keywords.

  • Google Adwords Keyword Planner – Being that Google dominates the SEO empire, Adwords is a pay-per-click program centered around top used words and phrases and is displayable in the keyword planner.

  • – This is a hot keyword tool that targets the most used YouTube keyword searches along with Amazon, Bing, eBay, Etsy, Walmart, and Google shopping.

  • – A website dedicated to automatically pull up all the “autocomplete” keywords related to your niche from both Google and Bing.

And there you have it. Being that keywords are prominent in a growing business, using Keyword research tools to perfect content and website building will get you closer to where you want to be…success!

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